And then the next thing you know, you grow 9 years older, and you learn that home isn’t limited to a 4500 zip code, that perfectly cone-shaped volcano, ginataan delicacies, and confusingly malambing dialects.

Home can be…

a surf town

LU sunsets

pine trees

clouds close enough to touch

and the arms of an Ibaloi lad.



(As posted on Instagram last July 2019… but with minor edits and a photoset this time.)

10 thoughts on “”

    1. Thank youuu! ❤ Makamiss ang Mayon, adi? Hehe.

      Iba iba yung gamit ko diyan. Hehe. Mayon photo and arte arte couple shot – Sony a5000 (35-50 mm kit lens). Surfing – Fujifilm X-T2 (56 mm). Sunset, pinetrees, and clouds – Fujifilm X-T100 (18-55 mm). 😊

      May hilig ka din sa camera? ❤🤘🏻

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      1. Medj mahilig din ako sa picture picture, hehe. Nikon D90 gamit ko for the past 10-ish years. Dream ko sana magkaroon ng prime lens pero parang mas worth bumili na lang ng bagong cam, ‘no? Kapag nagkapera ako bibili ako ng Sony a5000. For now cellphone na lang muna, haha. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, mag-post ka na sa Instagram mo. Haha! #pressure

        I think mas practical na ang mirrorless cameras lalo na ‘pag hobbyist lang. 😊 Maganda yung a5000 kasi sobrang handy, ang liit lang. Pero if you have the budget, okay na okay din talaga ang Fujifilm. 😊


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