Sunday Currently • 02

I haven’t been reading much lately. Okay, maybe not at all. This is what I sometimes call as a “reading lull” when I binge-read books and there’s just no energy to start (or in my case, continue) other books. I want this lull to be over so that I can go back to finishing the books I have started and finally read the ones I have on my TBR Pile.

I haven’t gone past the first half of The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera which I had tried to start reading again a few months ago. I also want to continue reading Atonement by Ian McEwan, a secondhand copy I bought from a sidewalk in John Hay. I want to finally finish it before I rewatch Atonement when it starts streaming on Netflix on September 4. Tita Tess, our family friend, also lent me her copy of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. I have also been thinking of rereading Memoirs Of A Geisha by Arthur Golden because I was watching the movie a week ago and I was wondering how it would feel to read it as an adult. I was in uni when I first read it.

…this Sunday Currently entry. I can’t believe this is just my second one. When my blog name was still Sundazed Sundays, I envisioned that I would be writing weekly including Sunday Currently posts. Meh. Truth is, just as I haven’t been reading much lately, I haven’t been writing much as well. I don’t even remember the last time I updated my journal. I’m actually quite sad about it because I used to write every day. :( Once again, I gave in to the convenience of live-Tweeting my mini meltdowns and life wins(?) on Twitter. Every day feels the same, nothing grand really happens, and I feel like there’s nothing much to write about (and share on the internet) anyway.

Thank God for a better internet provider and I am now able to stream high quality videos! Lol.

Netflix: As highly recommended by my Psych friends Anna, and Gab – who is watching a Korean series for the first time! –  I have started watching It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. I also started watching New Girl. I used to just see reruns of New Girl on cable TV but it’s only recently that I got into watching it. I love Zooey Deschanel and I like Jake Johnson in Drinking Buddies even though the movie was meh. I also started watching Bojack Horseman as recommended by the Pod Parents on Wake Up With Jim And Saab. Anddd~ ever since they’ve put up all seasons on Netflix, I have been contemplating on rewatching Grey’s Anatomy because… why not?

YouTube: I kept seeing Tweets about people “wanting to be an architect” because of Llyan Austria‘s vlogs. I searched for him on YouTube because I am a frustrated architect and I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. He does reviews and gives architectural tips, and makes several bad tito jokes on the side, which makes him effective and informative as evidenced by the 1M subscribers he acquired in just a span of a few months. He also has a separate channel for his more serious videos. Speaking of tips, I have also been binge-watching Elle Uy‘s vlogs. She’s a decorator and a home stylist. She specializes in maximizing small spaces for functionality and gives tips in decorating. In fact, I got ideas from her videos when I was decorating my book shelves. *whispers I’m also a frustrated interior decorator / designer*

My attempt at shelving.

…some lofi beats playing on YouTube while typing this down.

…about taking a social media break (even though I know I’m going to take a screenshot of this blog post and share it on my Instagram story) who am I kidding?

Oh to be a miniature bunny sipping coffee, reading books, buying flowers and bread from a street corner.

A couple of weeks ago, I assembled my first DIY miniature kit and I was off the internet for 9 straight hours. It might be a privileged thing to say and I’m sorry :( but it was a relief not to read about the news and not know what people were up to. The miniature kit was challenging as the box was a bit smaller than my phone, but it felt as though my cloudy thoughts have been cleared up that I was actually inspired to pick up my Nursing manuals and reviewers and I have been productive in that sense since. Char. Not until there’s Netflix again you’re not, Kim. Lol.

…for this to be over. Don’t we all?

…I could get on to what I have been intending to do for months now. I can’t even talk about how misfortune after misfortune keep on happening but I can’t make excuses anymore. I had a clear vision of what I wanted 2020 to be like but all it’s ever been is convincing myself to take bolder steps and make more courageous decisions while trusting and honoring the pace that I am in. *cries in Spanish*

…to get a new DIY miniature kit, and some dried flowers because I can’t bring in real plants to my room because there’s no access to sunlight here. :(

…my blogs’ new look, which I changed 3 or 4 times before I was satisfied. I got my dried flower wallpaper from Google and made a matching logo and sidebar image on a separate app for consistency. Wow. Lol. I had fun rediscovering PNGs and putting the blog elements together. I was reminded of those times when we DIY-ed coding for Blogspot and Multiply. I am that old.

I also love how Jet and I had our first Netflix date last night. We even prepared the same food because gusto natin talaga na may consistency at uniformity. Lol. We watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson and Two Weeks Notice starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. We made a rule that we’d only watch movies both of us have not seen yet. We were also on video call while the movies were playing for realtime reactions. Hindi talaga kami clingy, promise. ;) Long distance relationships are hard, add the fact that UAE is 4 hours behind, but Jet and I try to make it easier this way. I’m blessed to have somebody who makes everything bearable. Arte!

…to reset my body clock, sino ba naman kasi ang nakaisip ng Netflix date?!

…numbed out by the daily news but I’m still trying to be more informed because it’s hard to be arrogantly ignorant and neutral at a time when lives are on the line. Times like this make me feel like I’m finding my way towards something and somewhere uncertain, lost even. Alaska Young asked, “How do I get out of this labyrinth?” but I try anyway.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Currently • 02”

  1. OMG na-hook ako d’un sa videos ni Llyan Austria! Hindi ako frustrated architect pero I get the appeal — effective nga ‘yung pagiging light-hearted at informative ng videos niya. Hehe.
    I also highly recommend Bojack Horseman! Hindi ko pa tapos, nasa Season 5 ako ngayon pero it’s really good.
    Iba rin longevity ng Grey’s Anatomy ‘no? Never ko nang nahabol ‘yung recent seasons pero ilang beses na akong nag-rewatch from Season 1, natutuwa pa rin ako. Sobrang kain-oras talaga ng Netflix girl so good luck! Haha. 😀
    At ang pretty nga nitong blog design mo! Very kikay and cute hehe. Super nag-improve blogging layouts ngayon, ‘no? N’ung Friendster days ko shining shimmering splendid mga profile e, daming glitters tapos may punk rock na background music pa. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nakaka-hook talaga. Haha! If you like funny and light-hearted videos, you can check out Claudine Co’s videos, too. Bicolana man siya.😉

      I’ve heard Bojack Horseman get better through time. So I wish I could catch up soon pero andami dami na ng nasa listahan ko ano po. Hahaha! Kaya rin pinagiisipan ko pa yung Grey’s Anatomy. Yung friend ko “background noise” na lang daw niya yun minsan.

      Hahaha! Naaalala mo yung kailangan mo pang pumunta sa ibang website to search, copy, and paste codes?! Iba for music, iba for shining shimmering eme, iba pa theme. Tapos sa Multiply kailangan naka-upload sa Photobucket bago mo mailagay sa blog mo. Feeling ko talaga magka-age lang tayo. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pinanood ko house tour ni Claudine Co, ang yaman ni manay! Sana ako rin may mansyon hahaha.
        Same kami ni friend mo, pang-“mindless” watching nga ‘yung Grey’s. Sama mo na rin HIMYM at Friends hehe.
        Yezzz, super saya mag-copy paste ng codes noon! Go early 90’s kids! Hahahaha. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG! A podsib! Hahahaha! I never really got into Bojack Horseman. Wrong move yata na pinanood ko siya na nasa hindi ako magandang phase ng buhay ko. Lalo akong nalungkot I had to stop. I will watch it again when I’m in a better place or mood. Haha!

    Super interested with that DIY miniature kit! Paano ginagawa yan? I remember having to assemble yung Friends Lego from scratch with my sister and ang saya niya gawin so feeling ko masaya rin yan!

    I recently binge-watched Tiny House Nation. Di ko sure kung ma-digs mo rin yun buy super na-enjoy ko how they maximize space much more than Elle Uy does hahaha meron akong current obsession with maximizing storage spaces sa mga maliliit na lugar ewan ko ba. Hahaha!

    P.S. Grey’s Anatomy, yes! Best season ender ever yung season 6 at 8!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Pod Sib! 😛 Oo nga e, mej harsh pala talaga yung Bojack Horseman so ‘di ko pa tinutuloy talaga.

      I bought the DIY miniature kit online. Actually, hindi naman siya from scratch kasi andun na lahat ng parts, as in dikit dikit na lang ganyan. Pero kailangan mo ng mahabang pasensya at dexterity! Na-remind din ako ng pag-buo ng Lego. ❤

      Nakapanood din ako ng 2-3 episodes ng Tiny House Nation. 😊 Sobrang galing ‘noh. You might like Extraordinary Homes on Netflix din.

      Nakakamiss nga yung earlier seasons ng Grey’s Anatomy. *sigh* Hindi na ata ako makarelate sa latest episodes. 😬

      I hope you’re well. You have IG? Hanapin kita. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chrue! Sabi ng kaibigan kong paborito yun, dapat daw nasa tamang mindset ka pag nanonood kasi pwede ka malungkot talaga ng bongga.
        Link me! HAHAHA! These days, I’m up for anything. I’m about to learn a bike tas pag marunong na ko, balak ko mag-bike to work hahaha!
        Ay check ko yang Extraordinary Homes sige!
        Kakamiss ung Fab 5 e. 😦
        @crmngzzl! #followforfollow #likeforlike hahhahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Sa hindi ko mapaliwanag na kadahilanan, parang close sa heart ko yugn Unbearable lightness of Being haha naassign kasi sakin yan sa literature subject nung college. Tapos parang first time ko yun na makabasa ng ganon yung style at ganon na mga eksena haha lalang ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. After ng book na binasa ko nung nakaraan, di ko na nasundan sis. So baka may effect talaga tong pandemic 😥 Try ko nga iwatch si Bojack. Tinry ko pero di ko pa natuloy so maitry nga ulit. Ngayon, pinapanood koo yung The World of The Married HAHAHAHA jusko yung bangs ko sumakit. Tsaka mapapanot na yata ako ???? Anyway, sana okay ka lang palagi ❤


      2. Sabi nga ni Ms. Carmina, dapat daw nasa magandang phase ng buhay kapag pinanood yung Bojack Horseman. 😅 Lagi ko din naririnig yang World of Married, at madami akong kakilala na affected din. Hahaha! Sana okay ka lang din bukod sa pagkastress sa Koreanovela. 🌸😘


  4. OMG! Why do I get the feeling na magka-age lang tayo or if hindi sakto pareho eh magkalapit lang. 😂 Relate ako dun sa DIY coding ng mga blogs, natry ko rin yun dati sa friendster. Pashining ahimmering splendid din ako dun, may pasnow na nagpofall pa. BGM ko dun ng matahal big girl’s don’t cry ni Fergie. 😂😂😂 Pati rin sa tumblr ko nun natry ko magaganun. Oh dear kamiss bigla.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Baka nga sakto kasi mej short-lived lang naman yung shining shimmering splendid era. 😂 Clue: high school na ako nun. I completely forgot may umuulan na mga kineme pa nga pala noon! Bulaklak naman ata sa akin. Haha. #nostalgia


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